Ardeth Bay's tattoos

Egyptian is the oldest known language in the world. The written records start 3100 B.C. when hieroglyphs were inventend in the valley of the Nile.
Hieroglyphs are read from right to left, from left to right, from top to bottom, or from the bottom to the top. Normally the figures of animals and people and the direction in which they look show how to read. There are no hieroglyphs for the vowels. Therefore the pronunciation of old Egyptian is mostly unknown.

What's the meaning of the hieroglyphs on Ardeth Bay's forehead?
Oded Fehr claimed that there's no meaning to them but apparently some person looked things up in a dictionary. The hieroglyphs in the middle mean: "jmht" = underworld/necropolis/city of the dead. And the hieroglyph beneath the semi-cirlce means "building". Although it looks like an artistic work, it somehow doesn't look like complete chance!!

Pictures taken from "The Mummy" are property of Universal Studios. No infringement intended! The hieroglyphs above the picture mean "Ardeth" the ones at the bottom mean "Oded Fehr".