The Mummy, Feature from the DVD

with Stephen Sommers and Bob Duscay (excerpts)

Stephen Sommers: "Originally, the Med-Jai were going to be completely tattooed from head to toe. But then when I cast Oded Fehr ... I just couldn't do that to his face. He looked too good. And, in fact, uh..."

Bob Duscay: "...And seemingly the right choice, by the way, as it turned out."

Stephen Sommers: "I think it was the correct choice."

Bob Duscay: "He seems very popular."

Stephen Sommers: "On the internet he's got ... he has many a female fan-base. And so to completely tattoo his face would have been a mistake."


Stephen Sommers: "Originally, Ardeth Bay died. He died in that earlier scene with the mummies . . . He sacrificed himself for our heroes. He was going to die. But working with him he was such a sweet-heart, such a good actor ... and 'so' good-looking, I just had a feeling he was too heroic to kill off. So we brought him back here at the end. I was always a little nervous about it ... how the audience would accept that. But it went over like gang-busters. And, in fact, he has many teen-age girl fan sites now on the web. So I think it was worth bringing him back."