What the critics say

"Oh, and by all means, let’s bring up Oded Fehr’s Ardeth Bay. HE IS SO COOL HERE! I completely dig him. Screw a friggin SCORPION KING movie, I want the continuing adventures of Ardeth Bay, servant of GOD! Oded Fehr is simply wonderful to watch here… He exudes the coolness that the quiet hero type should. Giving him a falcon to deliver messages throughout the film is AWESOME. (Btw… I used to be a Falconer’s assistant when I was a kid too… Birds of Prey kick ass!)"  (Ain't It Cool News)

"...Nine years have passed. Brendan Fraser is back again as ...Rick, Rachel Weisz...is now his wife...they have a ...son named Alex, ...and Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep, whose name sounds more than ever like an ancient Egyptian chain of pancake houses. Oded Fehr is the worried sage Ardeth Bay, who begins sentences ominously with 'It is written that...' until Rick finally snaps, 'Where is all this written?'...But logic applied to this movie will drive you mad..." (Roger Ebert - Rave! Magazine)

"And Oded Fehr returns as ardent mystery man Ardeth Bay. Mr. Fehr's credits range from England's Old Vic to Hollywood's Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, and every gesture carries a commanding authority."
(Philip Wuntch - Dallas Morning News)

"As Ardeth Bay (a reference to the 1932 original, as that was the name that Karloff's Mummy adopted as his "human" identity), the righteous defender of the faith and battler of darkness, Oded Fehr is given more to do than in the previous outing, even if it mostly involves battling computer generated monsters, and succeeds quite well within the parameters of such a role; his character would make a more interesting subject for another film in the series than the Scorpion King, or even the O'Connells for that matter."
(Joshua Vasquez, Staff Film Critic - Matinee Magazine)

"Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bay, the leader of the Medjai, a benevolent desert brotherhood that comes off like an armed and dangerous version of the Shriners."
(Kenneth Turan, Film Critic - L.A. Times)

"While the acting necessarily takes a back seat to the spectacle, Fraser and the other players, including Ardeth Bay as Rick's imposing strong-arm sidekick Oded, breeze along well enough by looking like they're having at least as good a time as the audience. (Brian McTavish - Kansas City Star) - mixing something up eh??

"This a roller coaster movie, one jolt after another...The jokes for the most part work...and Oded
Fehr as the always-reliable and mystical guard Ardeth Bay and they're all in good form..."
(Eric Lurio - Greenwich Village Gazette Movie reviews)

Sommers, co-star Oded Fehr and others from the movie cruised theaters Friday to gauge audience reaction.
"We were finding 8-year-olds to 85-year-olds, and they all seemed to love it," Sommers said. "When you have an 85-year-old woman coming up afterward and hugging Oded Fehr and saying, 'It was wonderful,' you know you've done something right." (Jam! Movies Box Office)

Both Alex and Evelyn are endangered (though she is much tougher than she was in the first "Mummy") because Alex has strapped on the dangerous bracelet of the Scorpion King. "You've started a chain reaction that could lead to the next apocalypse," Ardeth Bay (Oded Fehr), the stalwart good guy, growls ominously, apparently unaware that since the action takes place in 1933, the audience has already figured out that the apocalypse did not happen. (The New York Times)

Due to Alex's unfortunate attachment to an antique Egyptian bracelet, Imhotep and the other bad guys kidnap the youngster and take him along for the ride back to the Sahara. Rick and Evelyn follow in hot pursuit, accompanied by Jonathan (John Hannah), Evelyn's greedy doofus of a brother, and Ardeth Bey (Oded Fehr), a resourceful desert warrior who commands a large army of Medjai tribesmen. Hannah, Vosloo and Fehr are everything they should be in their return engagements, and Fraser, an absolute master at playing dashing heroes whose swash occasionally buckles, is better than ever. (San Francisco Examiner)

Oded Fehr’s role as the Protector, Ardeth Bay is much meatier this time around and he gives a standout performance. But Rock fans beware! The WWF star only gets about 10 minutes of actual screen time and his performance consists entirely of bellowing and sneering at the camera. (www.atnzone.com)

Oded Fehr is given the thankless role of 'sidekick in a black robe' and he's then relegated to slicing and dicing his way through a sea of CGI dog-soldiers. (Scott Weinberg)

"Even though the story seems superficially straightforward, there's a whole lot of other stuff going on. Sommers has jam-packed the flick with characters, locations, and cosmetic details, from the Curator of the British Museum (Alun Armstrong) who's secretly the leader of the Im-Ho-Tep cult, plus his enforcer Lock-Nah (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, from HBO's "Oz"), to comic-relief dirigible pilot Izzy (Shaun Parkes), not to mention returning cast members Oded Fehr, as hunky desert warrior Ardeth Bay, and John Hannah,
as Evelyn's cheerfully amoral brother Jonathan." (Movie Geek Central)

"Imhotep wants to take control of the army of Anubis and rule the world. Rick and Evelyn must avert Imhotep's reign of destruction with the help of her smarmy, womanizing brother Jonathan (John Hannah) and Medji warrior Ardeth Bay (the suave Oded Fehr, making a welcome return), who was assigned to protect the secrets of Humanaptra (the lost city where Imhotep's mummified corpse was originally uncovered)." (Movie Views - Jamey Hughton)

"Coming to the rescue in early scenes set in London is dashing tomb guardian Ardeth Bay (Fehr). He goes on to gather warriors to oppose the Scorpion King's legions, an epic showdown that is credibly rendered by Sommers and the effects crew." (The Hollywood Reporter)

"And while the women have gratifyingly been given more to do, the men (beyond Fehr, once again giving the best overall performance) don't fare as well. Fraser has the right spirit, but Rick is still too flip a character to have true heroic impact, while Hannah's cowardly comic relief simply becomes annoying. Sommers may also have written in a few too many bad guys, to the point where Vosloo's Imhotep feels like a supporting player in a feature that is, after all, named after him." (Fangoria)

"Vosloo and Velasquez do their standard scowling-evil turns (the former should be overjoyed that for a good stretch of the picture he's represented by an animated corpse while his character is slowly rejuvenating), and Fehr manages the inscrutable hero bit every bit as well as Omar Sharif once did." (One Guy's Opinion - Frank Swietek)

And while the women have gratifyingly been given more to do, the men (beyond Fehr, once again giving the best overall performance) don't fare as well. Fraser has the right spirit, but Rick is still too flip a character to have true heroic impact, while Hannah's cowardly comic relief simply becomes annoying. (by Michael Gingold - Fangoria)

"Fraser gets to be swashbuckling and humorous; Weisz gets to be swashbuckling this time out, too, and she does a wonderful job of it. Also gobbling up the screen as cast stand-outs are Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bay, mysterious good guy, and Adewale Kinnuoye-Agbaje as Lock-Nah, elegant and fierce bad guy."

"Performances are pitched likewise, with Fraser and Weisz working a bouncy double act as a kind of Mr and Mrs Indiana Jones (Weisz handles firearms in splendid style) and Oded Fehr suitably heroic, handsome and mysterious as their special helper Ardeth Bay. I could have done without the annoying John Hannah as Evelyn's annoying brother Jonathan but he's about the only character who induces groans." (urban cinefiles, Richard Kuipers)

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